2019 Social elections


This collection captures information about the 2019 social elections in Luxembourg, between 6th March and 6th May 2019.

Seed list

No coverage on social media.
Extensive coverage on online news media with one capture per individual news article.
Extensive coverage on election related websites with up to 3 captures per seed.

Foreign websites

No foreign websites were included in this collection.

What we captured

Civil interests

In any election related crawls, an important part of the collection are the civil interests websites, of organisations that voice comments or recommendations about the elections, based on the interests this organisation wants to protect and promote. An important example would be the labour unions, who typically publish their analysis of different campaign programs and will present their recommendations for the elections. Therefore, the social elections collection already had a basis in the 2017 and 2018 collections, on which we were able to build. However, this collection is far less elaborate and encompassing as the previous crawls, partly because there were very few statements by civil interest organisations that we learned of, and news coverage was also less dense.

Planning ahead

We typically learn about the statements of civil interest organisations by news reports and press conferences. There might have been more organisations with relevant information on the elections on their websites, who did not get any news coverage, which makes the chances of learning about their publications very slim. In order to work against this uncertainty, we invited all political parties to send us their lists of websites relevant to the elections, along with the Internet presence of their party and candidates. This call for participation was sent out in 2017 and 2018 (unfortunately not for either elections in 2019). The returns from these calls were very modest and we received no suggestions of:
– Institutions and organisations considered as informative and relevant to the elections.
– Sites, groups and forums where informative and pertinent discussions are taking place.
That is why we need to rely on the participation of a wider range of users and stakeholders, to expand and improve our collections, in order to capture the information which is crucial in preserving the event or subject in question.

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