2019 European elections


This collection captures information about the 2019 European elections in Luxembourg, (considering only the parties, candidates and campaigns in Luxembourg), between March 15th and June 13th 2019.

Seed list

Selective coverage on social media, with up to 3 captures for Facebook seeds and up to 4 captures for Twitter seeds.
Extensive coverage on election related websites and civil interests with up to captures per seed.
Extensive coverage on online news media with one capture per individual news article.

Foreign websites

No foreign websites were included in this collection.

What we captured

Where is everyone?

Searchability issues of social networks, privacy settings, data limitations and other technical challenges are some of the obstacles in archiving social media. Facebook can block the account used to search and view profiles, or at least make it very difficult to navigate through pages. Name abbreviations often result in many unwanted results and different variations have to be considered.
In the case of the 2017 local elections, researching every candidate would have meant to
– look up 3500 people from 105 municipalities,
– make sure to have / not have found the right profile (in many cases there will be several people by the same name),
– decide whether it is in the public interest to harvest their profiles
– do the same for Twitter, Youtube, etc.
This process would have promised very little relevant seeds, since many candidates were neither present on Facebook (even fewer on Twitter) and often only presented private profiles, which were not in relation with their political activities and therefore also not relevant to the collection.

In the case of the 2018 national elections and 2019 European elections, we did include all the profiles of candidates (which we were able to find), even though the number of captures per profile might be the same.

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